Through personal training sessions, I can fully meet your individual needs in the fields of training, sports and exercise and whatever you want to achieve for your health.


You will train in a group with several like-minded people, for example as part of the Functional Outdoor Fitness class.


This programme is 100% tailored to the athletes and their sports. I will provide you with the optimal package and guide you during your competition preparation.

Currently not all of the pages and classes are in english. You can always contact me via phone if you have any questions about my classes and trainings – I am very glad if I can help you!

Hey, I am Philipp!

Sport and exercise have always been an important part of my life. Both during my professional activities and in my spare time, sports and working with people are my main focus.

Growing up in Klagenfurt, I was lucky to have numerous easy opportunities to try out a wide range of sports. Because of the proximity of the local tennis club, this was the first sport in which I practised intensively and competed. Over the course of the years, I also discovered a lot of other sports, from Alpine sports to gymnastics and water sports.
Before finishing school, I developed an increasing interest in supporting and coaching other people in sport, as well as doing sport myself.

Because of my academic background in sports science and numerous training sessions and courses, I gained a great deal of knowledge in the fields of training, exercise, sports and pedagogy. I also received more and more requests from customers to compile their training plans and give them tips to improve their fitness.
For me, it soon became clear that working with people and helping them to improve their fitness and well-being or prepare them for competitions goal is what I want to do.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad in Spain and France. These excursions sparked a great interest in travel, foreign languages and other cultures. It was not to be my last trip abroad. During this time and while studying, I have always worked as a trainer in one or often several areas at the same time.

Due to my great interest in training processes and to gain more experience, I carried out some experiments on my own body. I took part in long endurance competitions like the Marathon and Ironman.

As a coach, it is always important to set a good example and I have gained a great deal of valuable insight into how best to prepare for large sports projects. From performance diagnostics to training control and nutrition.

During a one-year stay in London, where I worked as a fitness and tennis trainer, I came across outdoor fitness training. I was enthusiastic about how the parks are used as an „outdoor gym“ for group fitness courses and personal trainers conduct their lessons in all weather conditions. That fascinated me. This sports trend is now also gradually coming to us and I would like to offer it in Carinthia too.

Only in a much more beautiful environment! Because it’s always better to exercise outdoors than in a gym!

No matter where and how you want to train, we will work out a strategy to achieve your personal training or fitness goal!
I’m looking forward to the next training session with you!

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Philipp Troschl

Mag. Mag. Philipp Troschl

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What I can offer you

I specialise in personal training. My offer includes both individual and group courses. So you can choose whether you would prefer to train alone or with a group.

  • Private Personal Training  1 Pers.

  • Personal Training in small groups 2-4 Pers.

  • Group courses  12 Pers.

  • Competition training 1 Pers.

  • Company fitness  16 Pers.

My classes:

Wettkampftraining und Trainingsplanung

  • Normal
60 min

Du bist ambitionierter SportlerIn und möchtest an einem Wettkampf teilnehmen, bist dir aber nicht ganz sicher wie du das Training gestalten oder womit du anfangen sollst? Dann kann ich mit dem Programm Wettkampftraining ein optimales Paket für dich schnüren. Diese Betreuung ist zu 100% auf den Athle...

Functional Outdoor Fitness

  • Normal
60 min

Outdoor Fitness Gruppenkurse Über den Sommer (Mai-September) biete ich mehrere Outdoorgruppenkurse an. Beginn: Functional Outdoor Fitness: Bewegt im Park: Mittwoch 7:00 – 8:00 Skaterpark Feschnig Functional Outdoor Circle: Dienstag 06:30-07:30 Herbertgarten, Feldkirchner Str., 9020 Klagenfurt...

Personal Training in der Kleingruppe (2 – 4)

  • Normal
~ min

Wenn du lieber mit FreundenInnen oder ArbeitskollegenInnen trainierst als alleine ist dieses Angebot eine gute Alternative zum Personal Training. Die Gruppengröße ist auf maximal 4 Personen begrenzt denn so ist gewährleistet, dass ich trotzdem auf jeden Teilnehmer individuell eingehen kann. Du möchs...

Private Personal Training

  • Normal
~ min

Beim Private Personal Training kann ich voll und ganz auf deine individuellen Bedürfnisse im Bereich Training, Sport und Bewegung und was du für deine Gesundheit machen möchtest eingehen. Wenn du das Optimum aus deiner wertvollen Zeit holen möchtest, bist du mit dem Personal Coaching bestens beraten...

Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung und Firmenfitness

  • Leicht
90 min

Das Bewegung und Sport die Motivation und Leistungsfähigkeit der Mitarbeiter steigern, ist schon lange bekannt. Immer mehr Firmen, kooperieren mit Sportwissenschaftlern und Trainern um vorbeugend Maßnahmen zu setzen. Es gibt folgende positive Effekte: Stressabbau und höhere Leistungsfähigkeit Stärku...

Functional Movement Screen FMS

  • Leicht
~30 min

Der „Functional-Movement-Screen“, ein standardisierter Screen (Testverfahren) aus Amerika, überprüft grundlegende Bewegungsmuster auf ihre Funktion.  Ziel des Screens ist es, das Verletzungsrisiko zu verringern. Der FMS ist also kein Test,  der die sportartspezifische Form bewertet, sondern dient er...